About Us

10 Year of Innovation in Painting Contractor in Mumbai.

Paintingwala.com aims to be one of the leading painting Contractor. It has grown into a enterprise with wide range of paints and other decorative paints for homes. With a broad selection of creative offerings, Paintingwala.com has a wide range of beautiful designs and home solutions make your home beautiful. Paintingwala.com constantly updates themselves to suit modern times and changing taste of paints of the consumer. So, let Paintingwala.com take over the painting of your house because “You like it, We Paint it..”


Customer satisfaction forms the driving force of our business. With a set of guidelines on promptness and cost effectiveness, we aim to be the best in our field.


The company has come a long way since its small beginnings in 2007. It was set up as a partnership firm by four friends who were willing to take on the world's biggest, most famous paint.


To be responsible for society and environment by choosing eco-friendly paints is Paintingwala’s corporate mission.