Below is a list of the most common questions you may have about Home Solutions. If you don't find the answer to your question here, please click here to chat with us..

Before I start painting, what all should I take care of?

  • Look out for dampness, water seepage, surface irregularities, holes, dents, cracks, fungus growth etc. Understand the best suited painting solutions depending on your walls’ health.
  • Figure out colours which work best for the space. We offer shade selection assistance through our professional Interior Designer.
  • Have trained painters and contractors to paint your space.

I want to paint my house. How should I go about it?

It would help you to get professional consultation when painting your house. It is nice to remember that one does not paint houses frequently, so whatever painting solutions you adopt it should remain good for at least 2-3 years. So in view of this, professional advice is essential.

Which are the cities in which Paintgwala is operational?

Any where in India for more details chat with our customer care

What is the right time to begin painting ?

When the paints and plaster in your homes begin to peel, it is time to paint your home. Just remember to skip the monsoon. Because paints required to be put in two coats, and the second coat of paint is always applied after the first coat has completely dried. But during monsoon the first coat take long time to dry up requiring the painting job to take more time than it usually requires. In case you no choice but to paint during monsoons then begin atleast 45 days prior to the season.

Second would be whenever there is a occasion in the house like marriage etc, which would be a good opportunity to get your house painted and glowing for the moment.

How long does it take to paint a house ?

It really depends on the size of the house. A one BHK will take about ten to fifteen days a two BHK will take twenty to twenty five days. On an average take a month for your house to look glowing.

Which types of paints available?

Royale Paint, Lustre Paint, Texture on wall, enamel, emulsion, Distemper & Exterior Apex etc,

Are there special paints for woods, metal and such other material?

Yes, there are special paints for wood and metals. Please ask Our Interior Designer to guide you here.

What about the new decorative paints?

Yes, these days you get to do textured painting to give it a novel and different look. Even though such applications may be a little on the higher side budget wise, it is still worth it. We advise a textured look at least in one room - drawing room.

Why should we get our painting work done only through your company ?

Because of our low rates, no consulting charges and we take just 50% advance not more before we begin work..

How will you take care of our furniture’s and collectibles during painting ?

We take utmost care to cover and properly package furniture and other house hold items accordingly. All packaging is done in consultation with our clients so that they know that each and every item is safe and secure.

Who will paint my home? What are their credentials?

We have panel of contractors and painters who are trained by us. Our painters are trained on correct application procedures. They are also trained on textured and specialty paint finishes.

What are your modes of payment ?

We accept both cheque as well as cash. However, with cheque payments the necessary taxes will be applicable. Advance will be 50% and 35% during WIP (Work in progress) stage. The remaining 15 % can be paid within 2 days after completion of work.

Would you give me a break up of labour and material cost?

We have standard rate cards specific to the locations we service, for different product painting systems which give the final consumer rate in Rs. per square feet for each of the systems offered. Since it is an overall service which covers all related service delivery areas, no separate breakup of costs is furnished.

How will you handover our house to us ?

We clean floor, window, door etc after the job is complete. Other furniture will be duly unpacked and the house will be handed over in a better state than you gave us- Stylish according to your satisfaction.