Staging Tips for Selling Your Home

At Paintingwala, our reputation is based on certainty — of a job well done. We focus on the details of every project — interior or exterior —from start to finish.

Clean Out Clutter

Get rid of everything and anything you do not use or need. Rent a pod to discard unwanted items or rent local storage if you need extra space for a short timeframe. Buy inexpensive baskets to store clutter and arrange them on shelves as décor. Depersonalize spaces so buyers can envision themselves living in your home.

Float furniture

Bring furniture off walls into the center of the room. You will create walkways and the rooms will begin to feel more open.

Decorate in Threes

Five looks like clutter.

Replace Old or Worn Carpeting / Flooring

Refinish hardwood floors in rough shape, you will gain that money back twofold. Replace or steam clean carpeting.

Update Your Walls

Wallpaper is a deal breaker, get rid of it. Give your walls a fresh coat of paint, the purpose of paint is to make things look new. If you have wood paneling, use wood filler to fill cracks, then, paint over it.

Redecorate vacant rooms

Never leave a room bare.